You Create Your Keywords

There are keyword tools like Overture Keyword Suggestions, which deal with keywords, keyword phrases and their respective search count. Why is this important? Because keywords in the first paragraphs, titles and headings of a page weigh more than keywords in the middle or at the end. But like I said before, this may not be the best for your clients so the best thing to do is use the most popular (ones that have a greater search count) and use these in the proper areas and use the less popular in the lower paragraphs. This will help your clients better understand what you are trying to say and give you a better distribution for the SE's.

Remember to use your keywords in your MetaTag "site description" tag, your website's Title tag and your Metatag "keyword" tag too. If you use pictures, make sure your ALT tag has the picture description in it. This will also help with page rankings.

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