10 Easy Steps to Lose YOUR Customers.

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1. Unreadable, Scattered Text:
Black text on a white background is the easiest to read. The reverse... Light text on a colored background can cause fatigue when reading large text blocks.

Scattered text on a page will lose your customers attention really quick. With everything said, keep text colors black, backgrounds white and for your pocket book... keep text together and clean.

2. Popup and Popunders
Almost everyone that has a site will swear by the effectiveness of popup's and popunders's for getting more subscribers, making sales, or making that last minute point.

At the same time, a huge percentage of surfers claim to hate popup's and popunder's. Why? Because every page has one, then some sites have more than one. Forget about the sites who spit out even more popup's when you try to close them, until your screen or TaskBar is filled with windows which forces you to reboot... just to get some peace.

3. Frames:
Framed in sites will leave your visitor 'trapped' on your site, and unable to use the "back" button on their browsers to leave. Don't forget most Spiders and S/E's don't like Framed sites because they don't know where the page belongs.

4. Slow/ or Heavy sites:
Huge graphics/ pictures and HTML errors are just a couple of things that will affect the load time of your web pages. Remember.. not everyone has a CABLE MODEM and a "work horse" computer.

5. Broken/ Under Construction Links:
Check your order links regularly to ensure that they still work. No one wants to drive their cars down a dead end. Do you? Then why would you put them on your site?? And those "custom" 404 pages?? Why on Earth do you want broken links... and then go to one of those 404 pages? Wake up. Build a site with PASSAGE.. not dead ends.

6. Flash:
Flash is becoming commonly used more on web sites these days. Did you know to view them often requires users to download a plug-in, if they don't already have it? Which means they have to click a link and go some where else. Then it will more of your computer's resources and make it darn near impossible to get back to your site. If they remembered you in the first place.And YES even a "Skip Intro" link is hard to click on if your computer bogged down because of all that Flash! Do we need to go into the load time with a DIAL-UP connection??
Of course, there are SOME reasons to use Flash. But don't use or abuse it. Why? It will hurt you more.

7. General 'Unprofessional' Look-And-Feel:
A few of the more commonly seen design problems include: spelling mistakes; bright/clashing colors (or too many colors); too many fonts; a sloppy or disorganized look; too many banners or graphics blinking, flashing, dancing, or beckoning from the screen; lots of broken links; and horizontal scroll bars.
Creating a web page is easy. Creating a *good* web page, however, takes a little more thought. A clean, well-designed site is worth the effort. Your bottom line will thank you.

8. Splash Pages:
You only have a few seconds to catch your visitor's attention. A big showy graphic page that has no real purpose in life is the easiest way to lose your visitor. Forget about it if they're forced to wait for it to load or can't "skip" the intro!

9. Contact Me/ E-Mail Me:
Leave those on the bottom of your pages. A good percentage of your visitors WON'T contact you.. so why are you forcing them? Don't!! We will find your "Contact Page" or your "E-mail link" so don't ENLARGE it and throw it in our faces.

10. Confusing Navigation:
Ever been to a site where it's hard to get around? It's just as easy to leave and go instead to a competitor's site. Make your navigation clear and simple and forget about that "fancy/ modern" thing. Stay clean and normal.

For more help, or to at least answer the questions that haunt you about web site design, take a minute and look over the free information I have to offer. Everything mentioned on YouDonkey.com is tested and proven by my friends, family or myself.

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