Scripts, Codes, Applets and Commands on Homestead

Are you looking for a script to dress up your links, or maybe you are looking for a script to decorate your whole site? Now that you found the script for your site, now you have to figure out how to get it to work inside the Homestead Environment?

You're not alone. Everyone at one time or another will or have asked the same question on how to get scripts and applets to work on Homestead. While some of the answers are easy and quick to do, some require slightly more time to get them to work. Because every site is slightly different, and people learn at different speeds, I can only give you proven hints and the rest has to be on you.

Here are some basic hints:
1 - Anything that requires to go into the HEAD of your website, just open your PAGE PROPERTIES (right menu) and under ADVANCED you will see a BOX. This box is your HEAD. Place your scripts there.

2 - A script/ applet that says "Download to your root directory" which translates "download to your PAGE directory". If you have more than one page directory, then download to the page directory where your main INDEX.HTML page sits.

3 - When a script "calls" a picture to pop up, requires a picture to show, you need to specify the proper directory where the picture sits. If the picture is in your FILES directory, then you need to add /FILES/ before the picture name in the address part.


4 - When you use an external text link, maybe from an advertiser, you can use Homesteads CSS tags to it to keep all your text consistent. Consistency is Key!!

5 - The main difference between the <HEAD> script and a <BODY> script can be easily summed up:


A <HEAD> script can be used throughout the page, while a <BODY> script can only be used in a single area one time without being being re-written.

6 - All advertising programs (banner ads, text links, web logs etc.) must be put into INSERT HTML boxes. HTML boxes are located right below the "LAYER" button inside the + button. Make sure the INSERT HTML box is plus 2 in height and width. This will create enough room for your scripts and your surrounding design.

7 - Almost any script can be placed on Homestead as long as you make sure it's URL pointed in the right direction. Meaning if the script "calls" up pictures, the URL for all of the pictures are pointing to the correct directory and correct picture.

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