Overlapping Elements on Homestead

Overlapping Elements. A No No for most Internet browsers. They cause slow "Download Time", most scripts to fail, and a bad taste in your visitors mouth. Forget about the visitors that won't be able to view your site.

Homestead thought they would revolutionize the World Wide Web with this new "special" HTML, but instead Homestead is driving up the stocks for asprin companies everywhere because of the multiple headaches your visitors suffer. Read below to cure this wrong doing!

How you can detect Overlapping Elements when your site is finished. All you have to do is view your Web site either through SiteBuilder or Online. When your page is open, RIGHT CLICK and a menu will pop up. Goto PROPERTIES and you will see your page address. If it looks like this:


You have Overlapping going on. If you don't see this, " ~ns " you are fine. No need to panic. If you have this, keep reading for your cure.

Another way to view Overlap is in your source code. In the Classic SiteBuilder you will see something like this:
fSet = fSet + '';

and about 6 lines down you will see this:
fSet = fSet + '';

and in the LPX Builder you will see:

Please note, in the SITEBUILDER, you will only notice OVERLAP in the SOURCE CODE. If you RIGHT CLICK, it won't show. To the best of my knowledge, there is testing done for slower or quicker downloads and the OVERLAP doesn't prove anything good or bad. Only when you move your site to a new host will it matter.

How do you fix it?
Press down your LEFT mouse button, and drag over the elements then let go. Or you can use the 'Select All' command in the CLASSIC SiteBuilder's 'Edit' menu. Different looking little green boxes show up. If any part of these green boxes are overlapping, (or touching to be safe) then the Elements are overlapping. Resize or move Elements to eliminate any overlap. Repeat the process if required.

To read more on this subject, please visit Homestead and go under Help (top Tab), then to Search Box on the bottom of the page, and type Overlap. You should get results like: Printing Your Pages, What are layers? etc. Find the Troubleshooting Viewing Problems. This will spill the beans!!

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