Homestead Sites - Do and Do not

1. Learn Basic HTML. Why? By learning basic HTML you can combine many things together without the chance of overlap.
2. Use Outside Scripts Why? These are usually written to be used with a wide spectrum of browsers.
3. Break up Text Boxes. Why? This will reduce any viewing problems, and "Load Time" for some browsers. Use your "Position & Size" option to align the boxes.
4. Use less "Insert HTML" Boxes. Why? Two reasons. 1- The HTML Boxes can hold more than one script. This proves useful when editing scripts. 2- You use less space which helps reduce the chance of overlapping.

Do not:
1. Use Homestead Elements. Why? These elements are too big, and may cause some older browsers to crash or at least take a long time loading.
2. Use Oversized Pictures. Why? They will slow down the "Load time" of your site. Add text and a few other tid-bits and you have a dramatically slow site.
3. Overlap Elements. Why? Some scripts can not understand this technique. This could freeze or crash or confuse the script making it useless. Plus your site will be harder to move. (if needed)
4. Use a lot of Banner Ads. Why? Like oversized pictures, these will add a lot of weight to a heavy site. See Supercharge Homestead on the right for a quick lesson.
5. Use Homestead Navigation. Why? It takes up too much space, sloppy look, and doesn't fit well with in a Professional or Personal layout.

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