Duplicating Text in HTML Snippet to Act like Homesteads Textbox

How to find the tags:
1- Open the your sitebuilder
2- Choose the option to build new page
3- add a text box to the page
4- choose the font size and font face and font color
5- save page and view the source code
6- in the source, find a tag that looks similar to this:
<FONT class="Verdana8" FACE="Verdana" SIZE="1" COLOR="black">text text text</fon>
7- your open tag is:
<FONT class="Verdana8" FACE="Verdana" SIZE="1" COLOR="black">
8- your closing tag is:

Why did I have you make a new page with only one text box on it? Simple reason actually! It's easier to point out the text instead of trying to find the tag with everything on it... which does make it easier and less time consuming.

Understanding the tags:
Understanding the tags, believe it or not, is a lot easier than you think. Lets use the Homestead tag for an example.

<FONT CLASS="Verdana8" FACE="Verdana" SIZE="1" COLOR="black"></font>

Can you point out what you set and what Homestead sets for you? You set in the builder the FONT FACE, COLOR, and SIZE by highlighting the text or by clicking the textbox inside the sitebuilder while Homestead sets the CLASS as a default. The class is part of Homesteads CSS tags.

Here's how you break down the tag:
CLASS = Font type in Homestead's preset Cascading Style Sheets (aka CSS) - Without this attribute, your text won't act like the text set by the sitebuilder. The CLASS is an important part of the code because all the sitebuilder text will act the very same no matter the font type.

FACE = Font type (or font face) that you choose as defined and carried by the sitebuilder and Homestead. These default types are "all browser" safe.

SIZE = The height of the text set by the sitebuilder, and follows the basic rule of HTML and CSS which is set by the W3C.org.

COLOR = The color of the text as defined by RBG, HEX, or the 16 Primary, all which is carried by the sitebuilder and all browsers.

Now that you know where and the easy way to get the tag, now you need to know how you can program it without always creating a page.

This is also easy:
<FONT class="Verdana8" FACE="Verdana" SIZE="1" COLOR="black">
font size= 8 | font face= verdana | font color= black

<FONT class="Verdana10" FACE="Verdana" SIZE="2" COLOR="black">
font size= 10 | font face= verdana | font color= black

<FONT class="Verdana12" FACE="Verdana" SIZE="3" COLOR="black">
font size= 12 | font face= verdana | font color= black

Do you see similar characterists carried through out each tag? The CLASS goes up by 2 while the SIZE goes up by 1. Now when you are going above SIZE 5, you will need to build the page and see the Homestead tag because I don't believe in LARGE text, unless it is a LOGO or a BANNER... but that is just my opinion.

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