Client Comments

The Good Responses: Its so easy to be negative , those who post rude comments should take a look at what they are contributing. has wide appeal and is helping those who dabble in their own websites to be a less mysterious and daunting project .

Ron: Thank you so much for the scripts you have provided. They helped me create a site that looks a little more professional.

L.H.: is great i'm lovin it. Keep up the amazing work dude! thks to you my site is starting to really have power!!

Kristin: the free multiple item shopping cart linked to my own Paypal account? I thought there was only the free Paypal carts. Thanks. You made my day.

Erin D: Thankyou for the revising advise for my site. I couldn't figure out all that HTML pasting stuff, and you walked me though it. Thanks.

mark1: Keep up the good work.

Tom H: alot of thanks to youdonkey. You made it easier for me to build to my tastes while keeping my site true to the products Well worth the time.

unknown: Hey! Thanks for the awesome scripts.

Jane C: Great looking Site. Your scripts were very useful and the directions made it easy to understand.

David C: Thank you, Thank you. has been a great service to me and my business. Thanks again.

Bex H.: I just thought I'd send a note and tell you how informative and useful your website was to me.

Schogn: kicka**, so many usefull tools. thanks

Barbara: Thank you for helping me out. Your consulting helped my site look more professional and my customers are really taking to it. Thanks again.

Craig: Thanks for the help. I've bookmarked you for further assistance.

Mike G: I like your site, and have picked up some useful tips

Mark: As a newbie, this site is so far doing me good

Jennifer: Thanks for the information. It helped me out a lot.

Ben C: checked out your site and it's cool

Mike H : I like your site and what you have to say.

Shannon: I've browsed through it and found it to be really informative and it gave me some great tips on things.

Katie M: I'll be back. I definitely learned a lot.

c12j: Thanks for the logo. It looks great.

Karen S: Thank you so much for taking the time to help.

Bill B: WOW, what a great site!! I expect to be referring to it often.

Patti: Thank you very much for the help.

Sharae: I definitely think everyone can benefit from your knowledge and services

Ray: Great site. I book marked you for further research.

Kris: Thanks for helping me with my site. Money well spent. Thank you.

Joanna: The work you did on my site was great. Faster then expected.

Rhonda: just ran across your site and it has some great information which I will take advantage of.

Louis: I love ya site its really amzing its so helpful

Debbie: I'd like to say how much I've enjoyed your site. It is very helpful and informative. Thankyou very much!

crip: A really well put together website with tons of helpful inf0..thanks for providing me with some great ideas?..could you explain (frames, and frame-sets) for some of us Youdonkey fans?

bmoose1: Great site with a lot of imformation......will cut down my cost to Homestead, around $1400.00 a year for two sites and store! Great money saving ideas on your site! Thanks!

RNSupply: Thank you soooo much for the info on eMartCart...I have been looking for a way to add another merchant along with PayPal and not have to pay extra Homestead fees. Thanks! youdonkey kicks a@@! Your site is GREAT. I really do appreciate all your tips and directions...

airessun: Liked your site - very informative.

Julie: Your site is very helpful. Thank you for making this available. I have no html experience and rely on the not so reliable homestead!

CA Chrissy: excellent information here, my sites actually pretty weak! id better fix it.

~Brennie: Hey! I saw this new feature & just had to share my thoughts... your site is awesome & quite informative. I've learned quite a bit from you, so thank you!

Bad Customer Responses:
Unknown: This site stinks. Get a clue!

Unknown: You call this site Professional? When was the last time Donkeys were professional?

A@#!ole: This site stinks. You are the true Donkey here.

dic@#&ad: You claim to be helpful? You're not. This site stinks! Loser!

Joe: I already knew this stuff. What's so great about your site anyway?

Unknown: You really are a donkey. This site is useless!!

You s@&%!: Why would someone come here?? Please.

Mark: I can get this information anywhere. What makes you so great? Not this site.

Jess: waste of space.

BPE: s@&%s!

unknown: s@&%s! why is it still around? get a real site with real information.

unknown: (found in search box) s@&ks.

Yawn: Is that a self portrait of you? ha ha loser.