Behind the Webmaster

Below are basic facts about me, the person, the webmaster, not me the blog.

My Resume:
Name: YD (aka. YouDonkey)
Age: Changes every year... and never in reverse.
Martial Status: Single and loving it... watch out girls.
Sex appeal: Blue eyes, dark brown hair, great attitude, 6'3" and average weight.
Work: Unfortunately... it's interesting though.
Living quarters: a beautiful condo located in New England, USA.
Favorite things: The typical guy stuff plus some girlie stuff.
Least Favorite Things: The list is too long.
Education: Some college, some various night courses, Oracle 8i graduate, various Internet languages. More please!!
My Ride: Bran' new 2006 and untouched... when I got her.
Projects: Everything I get my hands on, or anything in between.
For Sale: Anything if the price is right. Even!
How many sites built: as of 01.01.07 - 20 sites.
How many people consulted: as of 01.01.07 - hundreds.

About is a fully functioning web site construction force. I can build, tweak web sites to creating a Logo or Banner Ad without blinking an eye. Can other builders do this all in house and at the low rate as can? Probably not. Even if you want to do all of the work but you need the some guidance? I can help you too. Can they? Probably not. also gives you excellent info on tweaking your own site, creating your own logo, and saving money purchasing things you normally would. Did I mention I have free scripts and codes to help you bring your site to the next level, or did I mention I have a list of hosts that members like you submitted so you wouldn't have to worry about a "track record"? Yep and there is more to What can I say...

So why the name
Why? Why not? It is a great name. Did I mention it had a ring to it? YouDonkey. How stupid, effective and "sticky" is it? Very sticky. Did I mention people laugh and wonder about the name when someone speaks its name.

But seriously. This site was originally started back in late 1999 early 2000 to poke fun at nasty People, Places and Things. Why did I waste my time building the original site you ask? Because somewhere along the line people forgot that the earth revolved around the sun, not them. What happened to "minding your own business"? So I decided to point it out... and maybe wasted my time. Like anyone really cared. But they did. Too bad... it evolved into a better waste of space that is productive.

So when you see the name, it's not about you... it's 100% about me. So come down off your "high horse" before you get hurt. ;)

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