Developing Your Selling Skills

Not a good first impression to makeLike most people you desire to be the best. Like any discipline, excellence requires lots of dedication, practice and the passion to keep driving forward when things don't go well.

It is said that 80% of a sales person success is due to personality factors and only 20% is technical know-how. At least 70% of those people did some type of online learning on the basics of what they buy next, or they visited other companies before yours so they already know.

What is an effective sales personality?
a good first impression is important1. A person who makes a great first impression. Within the first 30-60 seconds the client has already 'measured' the sales person up. Changing their mind will be very hard. The way you dress, the confidence you give off are both ver important. A simple genuine smile smile is the most effective thing you can do to win the client over.

2. A person who creates an enviroment so the client would be interested in your presentation. A disinterested person who just goes through the motions will always come in last on the end of the month sales results while someone level toned, listens and responds well and happy to assist will come out on top. Do be afraid to make the presentation fun. A laugh is a great way to lower the clients 'wall'.

3. A person that gives positive confidence of their craft. Being genuinely interested and understanding the clients needs over just going through the motions and selling the higher priced item goes a long way with the client. A good sales person knows the average sales ticket will down sell. Some places focus on Units-per-transactions (UPT) so showing all the stuff they could need then selling only what they need. Remember, the trick is to win a 'friend' not create another 'customer number'. Friends invite friends. More on that later...

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Sales - Quick Introduction

Men and women alike want to feel confident in their product choices, no matter the style or cost. You are there to help them do that.

You will accomplish this by providing the best service your competition can not. By carefully determining the customers' needs and recommending the items that fit their needs.

Your goal should not be to sell just one item, but to build a loyal, trustworthy relationship. You want customers to come to you first for their next purchases. Plus this relationship will cultivate new customers just by positive word-of-mouth.

The key to this relationship is knowing your customers. By being genuinely interested in the information they share with you, you will create a relationship, not just another order number.

Building relationships is the key...

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Tourneau's Focus - Entertainment, Vehicles or Watches?

This past holiday I was searching for a new watch for myself. I didn't want the basic jewelry store watch, I wanted something a little more special. So I decided to use the 'world wide web' to get some education and what styles were available... then I would break down to price and brand. So I stumbled on to and I stopped and gasped. Was Tourneau a watch store or something else? I couldn't tell once I clicked in.

Here's what you see once you enter It's their logo, a black and white photo showing a boat, waves with red painted in. Yes there is gears from a watch floating in the water, but what on this great Earth does a boat have to do with a watch? I'm still confused. But okay, on the lower right there are 7 more pictures to come.  Here comes picture number 2.

Where Was I?

I've been on a loooong vacation from One thing led to another and time flew by. Well I'm back. What did I do that took so long?

1. I've been working non-stop on my other blogs, one about my passion and one about useless rants. I had to get the rants out of my head and now I'm done and deleted it. My passion blog is well... still there and still receiving good traffic so I decided to take a break.

2. I have a new residence and a new job. Moving is a lot of work and work was a lot of moving. During my move I noticed I had an abundance of items I don't need. So I donated lots, sold some and gave away a few to friends/co-workers.

3. My professional schooling is in art and designing with computer/network programming/installation mixed in so I also indulged in these studies and now I have more completed paintings hanging around a wireless house.

So I'm back and ready to start dissecting the new internet and the junk people made. 2011 will be a great year.

Quick Facts on a Mobile Web Site Layout

Article by YouDonkey and protected by CopyScape

Design with lists, not tables. Why? here are some reasons:
1. To display a table, a device must perform floating-point calculations, which slows down the rendering of the table.
2. Different devices render tables differently; at least some browsers will render every table with equal-width columns, no matter what you do.
3. Lists enable vertical designs (top to bottom design). Tips on using lists:
a. Use ordered lists (ol) for lists where you need numbered access and do not need formatting control over the numbers. (don't forget to assign access keys).
b. Use definition lists (dl) when you need numbered lists and you need formatting control over the numbers (or you need an item 0). You'll need to render the number as well as define an access key.
c. Use definition lists (dl) for situations where you need subsections. The dt item will be left-aligned; the dd item will be indented. There is no need to define a dd for every dt.
d. Use ul or dl for other lists. ul will give you bullets, dl will not.

Mobile Web Sites - Design Do and Don't

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Don't - Use external CSS. It requires more download time which is not a good thing
Don't - use drop-down menus (select lists) for navigation. Users won't understand or use them.
Don't - use tabs. They require graphics and tables, making them very time consuming to load. They also require the user to scroll past them to get to content.
Don't - put breadcrumb navigation at the top of the screen. To make it fit on one line, you would have to use graphics (and probably tables). The user has to scroll past them to get to the content. If you use them, put them at the bottom.
Don't - use black or dark background images or colors, including shading regions of the page. Some browsers do not support coloring text, so your page could become unreadable.

Cellular Sites are You Mobile?

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Part 1:
Why is it important that you and your web site are viable for the mobile age? If you didn't notice already, the internet is unplugged and more and more people are using their cellular devices to make purchases. They can do it without laptops (or notebooks) while standing in line for their coffee.

Maybe not today, but within a few years it will be VERY popular and so wide spread that the computer I'm using to type this article will be in some museum about ancient history. This is possible because more and more inexpensive, mainstream, wireless hand held devices are being sold everyday. The industry is growing everyday and the devices are becoming cheaper and cheaper too. That means more and more people will turn in that direction instead of using their heavy lack luster computers.

Frames - Why or Why Not! Your Choice

What are FRAMES and why should I care?
- Frames allow web masters to create and show many pages in one view, which may be independent windows or subwindows. Example:
within the main window, one frame might display a banner ad, one frame a navigation menu, and another could contain main text... all could be scrolled independently without hurting the others placement.

There is a downside to FRAMES besides the GOOD and BAD facts listed below. Many Web masters say frames are a little outdated but all agree they do have their uses even being outdated. Many Web masters agree if you can use CSS or PHP (just two examples) to achieve the frames look and many of the frames strengths without all the weaknesses... then do so. You will be ahead of the game! Especially when the "rumored" internet laws on FRAMES comes through.